Το Παλιό Μικρό Χωριό Ευρυτανίας

Palio Mikro Horio of Evrytania, Greece

Studio Merses Hotel is located in Palio Mikro Horio, just 15 km from Karpenissi, on the road to Prouso - Lampiri - Agrinio, 3 km from the intersection of Megalo Horio.

The oldest written source that testifies to the existence of the Mikro Horio dates back to 1453-54 and comes from a Turkish tax list, as the village after this date sent expatriates to Istanbul. Its first inhabitants were stone builders.

The contribution of the Mikro Horio to the revolution of 1821 as well as to the Resistance was decisive and the participation of its inhabitants was universal.

The village is built at an altitude of over 900 meters in a lush mountain nature.

Every visitor admires the pond formed at the entrance of the village, the five picturesque fountains under the plane tree of the square, the church of the Transfiguration of the Savior with the bell tower built in the 19th century.

It is characteristic that in its watch, instead of numbers that show the hours, he has the letters of the name of the daughter of the donor from Istanbul, Eleni D. Sideris, the old school, which today is a museum with rich material from the Occupation, the Resistance and the landslide of 1963, the monument to the 13 hostages executed by the Italians in retaliation for their disappearance in an ELAS ambush, an ambush considered the first pan-European act of resistance against Fascism, and the fountain where Markos Botsaris died after his last battle in Kefalovrysso.

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Attractions - Activities in the area

Karpenissi, like the whole prefecture, is located in a mountainous area of ​​exceptional natural beauty, rich in vegetation. At a distance of 11 km is the ski center of Velouchi. The traditional architecture has been preserved to a large extent, both in the surrounding villages and in the city, with a number of well-preserved buildings.

Evritania as a whole, Karpenissi as a main destination and the valley of Karpenissioti - valley of Potamia offer visitors many options for tours and excursions based on our hotel, which is located a few kilometers away from the Ski Center of Velouchi.

Visit the villages of Potamia, such as Megalo Horio and Neo Mikro Horio, as well as religious pilgrimages such as the monastery of Proussos (Panagia Proussiotissa).

Of course, 4x4 and car routes and activities and activities in nature, such as hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, rafting, kanoe kayak, horseback riding, climbing.

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