Instructions for your journey

The Studio Merses Hotel is located in the Palio Mikro Horio of Evrytania, just 15 km from Karpenissi, on the road to Proussos - Lampiri - Agrinio, 3 km from the intersection of Megalo Horio of Evrytania.

If you start from Athens, you can reach by road through Lamia, Timfristo, a route about 3 hours by car traveling 300 km.

At the entrance of the city following the ring road of the city, and passing the junction you reach without changing course, to Proussos.

Following the Karpenissiotis River, in a distance of about 12 km, at the junction of Megalo Chorio you turn RIGHT, passing the settlement of Neo Mikro Chorio, after a route of about 3 km in the green scenery, you reach the picturesque Palio Mikro Horio and in the square with the plane tree and the fountains, you have reached the Studio Merses Hotel.

From Thessaloniki as well us Central and North Greece, after you reached Lamia through A1 Public Route, following the same instructions as above you get to Karpenissi and Palio Mikro Horio.

If you start from the western Peloponnese, you can through the bridge RIO - ANTIRIO, moving to Nafpaktos and to Thermo and the route Thermo - Kallithea - Lampiri - Prousos, you have the opportunity to enjoy a route with amazing landscapes with alternations of landscape and relief of the mountain range of Panetolikos, Kaliakouda and Helidona.

After passing Dipotama, where Krikelopotamos (Krikeliotis) meets Karpenisiotis and together they continue their noisy journey as Trikerotis to reach Lake of Kremasta, after the settlement of Gavros, at the crossroads to the left to Megalo Horio, after turning to 3km in the Palio Mikro Horio.

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