Studio Merses Hotel

Palio Mikro Chorio, Karpenissi, Evrytania

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Studio Merses Hotel, Palio Mikro Chorio, Karpenissi, 36100, Evrytania

Extraordinary Karpenissi Hotel Accommodations

Preparing for your holiday to Karpenisi, Evritania, Greece? Looking for hotels for your accommodation near Karpenissi? Do you dream of rooms with view of the forest and the warmth of the fireplace for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation? Studio Merses Hotel is what you are looking for!

The Studio Merses Hotel is located in the Old Small Village of Evrytanias (Palio Mikro Chorio, Evrytania), a few kilometers away from the capital of the prefecture, Karpenissi (or Karpenisi).

Studio Merses was inaugurated in 2002 and was extended and renovated in 2008. It has been manufactured in the most modern way, satisfying each wish and need of its modern visitor, maintaining however the traditional architecture of the region, that is based on the combination of stone and wood.

Studio Merses Hotel has a Four Star Rating and provides to its customers with quality services.

Guestroom Choices

Eros Suite

This is our large suite of 55 m2.

Its view on the valley offers the viewer a sense of magic, seeing the vastness of nature. The visitor of Eros, using the sensory part of the body, feels he becomes one with nature, as if he also comes out to play an interminable game with the nymphs of the river and the forest.

The luxurious space, which the four-post-bed, the water-massage bathtub, the fireplace, the corner-lounge, the mini stove and mini bars compose, brings to light mysterious previous seasons, the charm of the unknown that attracts the mind and arouses the human substance with a sense of eroticism that embraces each beauty of nature.

Aphrodite Suite

The suite "Aphrodite" is a space of 45 m2.

The tones of lilac, the luxury of lace, the four-post-bed, the gondolas, the flames from the lit fireplace and the corner lounge, that offers moments of absolute rest, touch up the romantic atmosphere that exudes the beauty of Aphroditi in the soul of its visitor. The mental delight to the two until three individuals that can be entertained in this suite is completed by the cover of their any extraordinary or constant wish from the mini stove and mini bars of the suite.

Edem Suite

The suite "Edem" constitutes a space of 45 m2, in which dominates white, the color of chastity and paradise on earth, as envisioned by our romantic poets.

This pure paradise is joined with the world of senses through enjoyments that include a water massage bathtub in the bathroom, a lounge area with the lit fireplace, a mini stove and mini bars. The two until four individuals that can be entertained there can enjoy the enchanting view that unfolds in front of the two balconies of the suite.

Aegli Suite

The Aegli Suite is a space of 45 m2.

It can entertain from two to four individuals, which can enjoy a water massage in the bathroom, the company of the lit fireplaceand the relaxing lounge area, which is dominated by the tones of soft beige. By the light of the fire, the modern person can "walk" with the eyes of the soul on the tall tops of the fir trees and reach the absolute fulfillment of his self with nature. The mini stove and mini bar can always give solutions to any wish of the tenants of Aigli.

Anatole Suite

The "Anatole" Suite in the 45 m2 creates a romantic atmosphere and consists of a double four-post-bed, a water massage bathtub in the bathroom, a lounge that offers the feeling of alternation and a turned on fireplace that gives the sense of familiarity, can offer hospitality from two up to four individuals.

In the soft tones of pink it gives the mind and the soul of modern "kings of" - its visitors, the experience of a thousand and one night of "East". Naturally the mini stove and mini bar can satisfy each utilitarian need of its visitors.

Adonis Studio

The studio "Adonis" is a space of 50 m2.

It can entertain from two to four individuals that can use the mini stove and mini bar of the room, in order to satisfy any of their particular needs. In the lounge area, of studio Adonis, our visitors can enjoy peaceful moments, with the view of the wooded region surrounding the river.

A view that removes the modern person for a while from the pragmatism and the rationalization of the 21st century and imagine the ''Amadryades'', as they continue their games with Mother Nature eternally.

Helianthos Room

Ilianthos is a room with a double bed and bathroom, with a unique view of the verdant of fir trees on the mountain and historical and picturesque Small Village.

Decorated in the tones of autumn yellow and in the tones of spring green, it offers its visitor the enjoyable vision of the sunrise in a harmonious union with the evergreen surrounding nature of fir trees.

Guest Room AmenitiesFour Star service and amenities

  • In the bathroom of our rooms are a set of cosmetic products, slippers, shower cap, bathrobes aromatized with vanilla and lavenda scents, which are exclusively for personal use.
  • In each room there is access to satellite channels through the receptor of our television, as well as projection of films via the receptions dvd player.
  • Flowers : You can order flowers from the receptions phone.
  • Arrival- Departure : The room is available from 14:00 on the arrival date and must be vacant by 12:00 on the day of departure.
  • Credit Cards : We accept Visa and Master card.
  • Parking : The hotel allocates private parking for the service of customers.