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Palio Mikro Chorio, Karpenissi, Evrytania

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Studio Merses Hotel, Palio Mikro Chorio, Karpenissi, 36100, Evrytania

Area Guide

Studio Merses is located in the Palio Mikro Horio (Old Small village) of Evrytanias, next to the Holy Temple of Metamorphosis and is a 14 kilometer distance from the capital of the Prefecture, Karpenisi.

A written source that testifies the existence of Palio Mikro Horio is reduced in 1453-54 and emanates from a Turkish tax list, the village after this date sent immigrants to Istanbul. Its first residents were builders of Stone.

The contribution of Mikro Horio to the revolution of 1821 as well as in the Resistance existed decisive and the attendance of its residents catholic. The village is built at the altitude of over 900 meters in a verdant mountainous area.

Each visitor admires the small lake that is located at the entry of village, the five graphic taps under the plane of the square, the temple of Metamorphosis with the belfry that was built in the 19th century. Characteristically the belfrys clock, instead of numbers that show the hours, it has the letters of the name of the daughter of a donor from Istanbul, Helen Sideri.

Next to the churchs belfry stands the old school, which today is a museum with rich material from the Possession, the Resistance, newspapers of the landslide in 1963, the monument of 13 hostages, that were executed by the Italians as a reprisal for theirs that was lost in ambush of [ELAS], an ambush that has been considered as the first in a European level action of resistance against Fascism, and the tap where Markos Botsaris died after his last battle in Kefalovryso.

Through the path that begins from the small church Agios Sostis admirers of nature can reach the wooded tops of Chelidona, while walkers can through forest pathways reach the neighboring villages.

Karpenissi, Evrytania, Velouhi mountain

General Information for Karpenissi
Population 7,183 (2011)
Area 250.887
Official Website
Brotherhood Of Mikro Horio Website


Are you a nature lover? Do you seek the kind of thrill that will pump up your adrenalin? Karpenissi and Evrytania is the ideal destination as there is a multitude of activities for you throughout the year. So, don’t waste time, take a trip to the heart of Greek nature and see ravines with impressive waterfalls, dense forested areas and rapid river waters!

Starting from Merses you can enjoy short or long walks in the forest, go hiking taking the mountains (Chelidona) mountaineering paths. You can also try Canoe Kayak and rafting, by signing up with the groups of the companies that hold these activities.

You can find plenty of small museums in the area:

  • Karpenissi museum
  • Palio Mikro Horio museum
  • Megalo Horio museum
  • Coryschades museum
  • Viniani museum
  • Ayia Triada museum
  • Proussos museum
  • Tatarna museum

* More information about the museums here * in greek

Studio Merses Hotel is ideal for...

Winter Getaways

The position of Studio Merses is ideal for those that want to live the adventure of the winter getaway. There is a ski centre near by for guests that want to take advantage of Evrytania's alpine environment!

Summer Getaways

The alpine environment of Evrytania makes it a great place for your summer stay and of the Studio Merses Hotel is ideal for your accommodation!